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Interview with Penelope Fletcher, Author of Demon Girl

Hey eveyone. Though we are having a few reviews this week, we didn't want you to think we weren't bringing you any author interviews. Today we are talking with Penelope Fletcher, author of Demon Girl which is part of her Rae Wilder series.

Penelope is giving 3 eBook copies of her book, Demon Girl, as well as her upcoming release, Demon Day. So, for three lucky winners, you're not only getting a copy of the first book in the seires, you'll also get a copy of the sequel once it's released. #socoolright? Be sure to leave your email address so that we can contact you about your prize. Now, on to the interviw.


Why did you choose to start writing? 
It was not a conscious decision. I was always an avid reader, but never did I think I could create a story with enough substance to hold another’s imagination as some books have captured my own. I simply sat down one day and started … I was surprised by all the words that poured out of me. My fiancĂ© twigged what was happening before I did.

What inspired your storyline? 

I have no bloody idea! I wish I knew so I could conjure up my stories on cue rather than waiting to be coshed over the head when I’m doing something mundane like paying for my shopping at the supermarket checkout.

Which character did you enjoy writing the most? 
It has to be my main character Rae. Her innate goodness and stubborn selfishness is a joy to write. A good story is all about conflict, and Rae’s character is one of those complicated endeavors that has her stumbling into trouble at every turn, falling into situations that should be straightforward, but end up plunging her into catastrophes of grand proportions. Such fun … the word count jumps effortlessly when I write about Rae.

If you could be one, which would you be, fairy, demon, or vampire? Why? 
I would be my portrayal of a fairy. In The Rae Wilder Novels, demons are what humans call anything not human. The word ‘demon’ commonly implies evil, wickedness, but my demons are simply familiar supernatural creatures you find in paranormal books (vampires, shifters, goblins). I chose fairy because they are feral, and almost an extension of the land (Wyld) they live on. Everything they do is steeped in tradition, and honor. Their magic is drawn from the earth, a natural energy. Should such a being exist, why would I not choose it? ;)

Tell us about the Unseelie. 
Well, the Unseelie Court is fabled to be where evil fae meet and make merry. Considered dark to the Seelie Court’s light you would not want to find yourself under their sinful sway, as they would rather do you harm than good. That said there are no Courts in my fairy series. When I was writing the Demon Girl the idea of Courts seemed too … civilized. My fairies have Tribes, and are primal, their magics elemental rather than whimsical. For my fairies, think booming drums and spells cast over roaring pyres rather than tinkling bells and sparkly magic.

Do you ever get writers block? 
Ah no, I get creative burn out! This is when I get so many ideas I have a small meltdown, and cannot focus on one storyline long enough to write a decent sentence. I have to type out a few hundred words of jibber jabber to purge the chaos then focus again.

Do you have any projects you're currently working on? 
I have another Young Adult series I am working on called Dragon Souls … but that is all very hush, hush. The covers and blurbs will be revealed in autumn this year. I am well underway on book three of The Rae Wilder Novels, Demon Dark, and I’m having such a blast writing it. I love Rae, as a character, and the idea I’ll have to step away from her world and delve into the others I’ve created is bittersweet.

Tell us a random fact about yourself. 
I have a bizarre fear of squirrels. Oh, I could tell you stories *shudder* such horrific stories.

Is there a book series you follow? 
Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series is truly epic. Such an amazing story arc, enthralling set of characters, and stunning culture in the world he has created. Even as Brandon Sanderson continues his work, still the essence of what made the story great is there. I have a number of young adult series I follow, but none have me by the throat like WoT.

Where can readers purchase your book? 
The Demon Girl eBook can be downloaded from Kindle, Nook, iBooks and Kobo. The paperback is available from Barnes&Noble.com and Amazon.com.

Where can readers connect with you on the web?
I get a lot of readers contacting me via The Rae Wilder Novel’s website (thedemongirl.com), but my writer’s blog Fiction Fierce (fictionfierce.blogspot.com) is where you can see what I am working on, track my journey about what works for me as an Indie, what frustrates me, or what leaves me feeling delighted. Facebook (facebook.com/DemonGirlBook) is great as there are hundreds of comments from readers who have enjoyed the book, and I always update the page with the latest news on the series. I’m on Twitter (@Miss_Fletcher). Oh, and not forgetting Goodreads, and Amazon Author Central, you can post me messages on there and I will respond.

Can you share an excerpt from your novel?
I clasped his hand and curled my fingers around his. They were rock solid, cold. He pulled me up and my legs wobbled, so his other hand snagged my waist to steady me. For a moment I stood, but was weightless as he carried my weight. The sensation was unusual. I scowled and stared into the face of my vampire.
He was older than me, not by much, and he was ugly. Swept back from his forehead and longer than fashionable his hair was coal black, and cut close at the neck. His eyes were red ringed, like he was sickly, and had a peculiar stillness about them. He hadn’t blinked, not once since he’d first revealed himself to me. His eyebrows were thick, and dark, as was the smattering of hair on his chin, which had a deep cleft. His brow jutted out from his face and his cheeks were gaunt giving him a look of the starved. It was a strong face but one that did not appeal to me.
Straightening, I pulled myself from his grip and knocked his hands away.
A faint, dry scent hit the back of my throat and my hackles rose. Swallowing hard, my eyes left his as I controlled the sudden urge to launch myself at him. To rip, bite and tear. A manic giggle bubbled in my chest. The thought of launching yourself at a vampire was ridiculous and suicidal, but my body was seriously contemplating it. He brushed the hair out of my eyes and I recoiled. He hadn’t made a move for a vein, yet, but he was a blood drinker, and I was full of blood.
He flashed me a smile and his chalky lips framed pearly fangs flanked by two smaller canines. They had run right out as he’d touched me. For a moment I was overcome. I stared at them, the spiky tips resting on his lower lip, a startling shade of ruby red. Everyone knew vampire fangs ran out when they were mad or bloodlusty. Which was he? Probably the latter, if he was mad my limbs would be scattered across the forest floor by now.
“You’re going to kill me now,” I said steadily.
I’d been through too much to deny that I was living on borrowed time. To be honest I was waiting for the hammer to fall. I would die there, food for the vampire-boy that the fairy-boy was hunting. Breandan would return eventually like he promised and find my rotted corpse. Would he be sad? Would he and the ‘we’ he’d referred to, lament over my body. Would they give me a proper burial? After all he had said I was like him, fairykind too. In my last moments of life pondering on how I felt about being named a demon, I did not feel disgust or fear, but sort of a resigned relief. I was no longer a freaky human girl, but a fairy. My strangeness made perfect sense now.
“I am not going to kill you.”
The vampire had spoken. It took me a while to realize he had, because my last words had been a statement not a question. And even if he’d interpreted it as a question, it was clearly rhetorical. I was living my last moments and the flashbacks of my life were about to commence so the interruption was not appreciated. But since he’d spoken again I felt obliged to say something back, and I was getting used to conversations with strangers.
“Why?” I asked, genuinely puzzled. “You didn’t dive through that hole for fun. If the wires had caught you you’d have set off the klaxon and had Clerics with stakes and silver on your ass until you were ash. Vampires don’t seem the self-sacrificing kind to me. Plus, the sun is rising.” I pointed east. “You don’t have much time, and to be out this early, or late, you must be super hungry to risk the true death. Or suicidal. Which brings me back to the fact you guys are big on the self preservation.”
He made a low rumbling noise and his shoulders shook. It was laughter, and it was gruesome, and wretched. “I have been looking for you.”
I thought about this. For a vampire to be looking for you and not hunting you was unheard of. It was intriguing and I knew then that curiosity was about to get me into more trouble.
“You’re not the first to try that line today. You demons know how to flatter a girl.”
He growled a little. “Fairies.” He said the word like a curse.
I sighed again, exaggerating the rise and fall of my shoulders. Fine, my tribulations for the morning were not over. I could deal with that, but I needed the safety of Temple walls. The forest was no longer comforting, but alien and hostile.
“If you’re not going to eat me would you mind if we walked and talked? I’m tired but have to keep going, or I’ll be late for class.”
He remained still and peered past me into the trees. I found it hard to read his face. His expression was not worried, but I thought it brooding, or rather, preoccupied with being anxious about something.
“I need to find a dark place. A safe place.”
The dead and the sunlight didn’t mix well. They burned, badly, and burst into extravagant blue and red flames. Then their blackened corpses flaked into ash.
I could see why he might be anxious to find a ‘dark place’ as he put it.
“My wardrobe is dark.” The words popped out of my mouth before they registered. “Wait,” I said, and held up my palm. The standard cracks in my judgment were now gaping canyons, and there were all kinds of crazy ideas flying around. “You’re friendly, right? If I help you, you aren’t going to turn on me. Or turn me.”
“As you pointed out, the sun is rising and I weaken by the moment. I need to talk to you. Hear what I have to say then I’ll go.”
“Okay,” I said slowly. There did not seem to be too big a downside to this arrangement. “I can do that, hear you out. But tell me, the fairy-boy I met is hunting you.” I watched his face carefully. “Why? Did you do something bad to him or his kind?”
He looked me over so intently I squirmed in my skin. He made a quick movement with his hand that said ‘so what?’.
“If they find my resting place they will kill me, and they won’t listen to what I have to say, which is why you must.”
I mouthed my next words silently before I spoke them aloud. “I’m a fairy too.” It was easy to say and I smiled. “It’s important I know if talking to you will get me in trouble.” I paused then grunted. “In more trouble than I already am, I mean.”
His eyebrows rose and he focused on me more intently. I backed up a pace and couldn’t help cupping my neck with my hand. He tilted his head and narrowed those bottomless eyes of his.
“I smell magics, but you seem human to me in every way.”
“You seem to know a lot about me and what I’ve been doing. But then if you knew a lot about me you would know I have only just found out I’m a fairy.” That sentence was convoluted, and I had confused myself. It made some kind of crazy sense, so I stood my ground and waited for his answer.
The vampire did not seem confused. “I can explain. But at night.” His eyes darted to the east and his mouth pulled down.
The sky was much lighter now, but the clouds gave extra cover. Time was running out. I was beyond terrified, the curls of fear in my stomach were tornadoes, and I felt a responsibility to protect this vampire from bursting into a firework display.
“My wardrobe it is.” He placed a hand on my lower back and I jerked away. “Watch the hands,” I said and eyed him.
“I’m going to carry you,” he explained. “It will be faster and we will not be seen.”
No doubt he could carry me, but still, the thought of being so close to death itself was worrisome. His presence still rubbed me up the wrong way. I was strong willed, not infallible, and my losing control would be fatal.
“No funny business. I’ll scream, and dead or not, it will hurt your ears.”
He shook his head, face serious. “No funny business,” he promised.
“Could you put the fangs away?”
“I like the way you smell.”
“That is creepy,” I said and plucked at my bottom lip. “You’re creepy.”
His body kind of vibrated, and a strange grizzly sound came out of his mouth. I guess since vampires didn’t use air to talk or breathe they sounded, moved, and even laughed differently to normal beings. I jumped, but thankfully he was too preoccupied with laughing to notice, or to comment on noticing.
“No biting. I swear.” 
Thank you for having me. Enjoy Easter, and to my fellow Brits, the Royal Wedding!


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