ParaYourNormal Review Guidelines

(c) Jessica M. Cross
ParaYourNormal is currently closed to submissions. Please check back at the end of September 2012.

Thank you for considering submitting your book for review with ParaYourNormal. Please look over our review guidelines below.

• We review indie or self-published books with a paranormal theme, including romance, urban fantasy, YA, fantasy, erotica and thriller.

• Review requests must be submitted via our online form and are reviewed in the order received.

• Please do not send unsolicited ARCs. After we receive your review request, we will contact you.

• We reserve the right not to review any book.

• We receive a high volume of review requests, and cannot guarantee a review, or a specific review time frame.

• Our reviews are the honest opinion of the staff reviewer. We stand behind the final reviews and will not pull or alter a review at the author’s request.

• We will not review books with titillating rape, sexual relations with minors, incest, bestiality, torture, or sexual relations with bodily fluids (golden showers, etc.)

• We will not review books that have obviously not been edited for grammar, sentence structure, and syntax. Please be sure your book is a finished, professional product worthy of representing you to the reader community. Our reviewers volunteer their time to read and review books, and unprofessional books are a waste of their valuable time.

• We do not accept unsolicited reviews. If you are interested in joining our review team or would like to do a guest review, please contact adriana[at] or kelli.mccracken[at]

• If you have questions regarding our review process, please contact us at parayournormalteam[at]

In accordance with FTC regulations, each book we review was received as a review copy from the author or publisher.