Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hungry For You by A. M. Harte, A ParaYourNormal Review

When I was asked to review Hungry For You by A.M. Harte, I must admit that I was leery. Zombies have never been my thing, aside from Resident Evil, and even that movie was somewhat graphic for me. #sorry #weakstomach #nogoreforme.
Having said that, I will admit that I am also the type of person who will try anything once, especially if it comes highly recommended. That is part of the reason I took reading Hungry For You to heart. I must say, I am glad that I did. This book is not like any zombie flick or literature that my eyes have crossed.
Hungry For You is a collection of short stories about zombies. Each story has a different spin on what zombies are like and how they became the walking dead in the first place. I must say, some of these ideas were original on A. M. Harte’s part. Who would have thought that a zombie would have emotions, especially feelings of affection or love? #notme
I think my favorite of this collection would be the story of Retta, the female police sergeant, who has a particular soft spot for zombies. The title of this short has the same title as the book, Hungry For You.  Retta patrols an area called Dead District. It put me in mind of what “the hood” would be like in bigger cities. As you may guess, Dead District is full of zombies.
In this short, Harte creates a world where these walking dead have civil liberties as other humans, though not quite as many. #comeon #theyrezombies. I must mention that the zombies in this story spoke to me because they do not satisfy their hunger by consuming flesh…at least, not in the way you would expect.
Retta and her partner come upon a male zombie, who has fallen victim to abuse. I know, sounds crazy, right? Zombies suffering abuse? #civilliberties #remember. Since Retta has a particular soft spot for these decaying beings, she and her partner bring the zombie to the police station to question him about his abuse. The story takes an interesting, yet brief turn here. I won’t say anymore about this story or the book for that matter. Some things are better left to the imagination, and this is a book you will want to pick up and enjoy yourself.
Overall, I was pleased with Hungry For You. I like where A. M. Harte went with the stories and her unusual spin on them. If you’re a zombie fan, this book is one you will want to add to your collection. It is definitely worth reading and I recommend you do so. You can go to Harte’s blog site, leave a comment, and score a free eBook copy of this book for Blog Tour de Force. You can reach Harte’s blog here.
Okay, that's it for today. Please come back tomorrow when I review  paranormal romance, Nearly Departed in Deadwood, by Ann Charles, another Blog Tour de Force participant.  


  1. Sounds Tasty, I mean interesting - LOL

    “I’m hungry for print!”

  2. I don't dislike zombies, but have never particularly gravitated towards them either. I love Anna's writing, she has a way with words that really draws you in, so of course I am now a zombie fan!

    I'm hoping to win a paperback copy, as I have already bought the ebook, so please note me down as Hungry for Print!

  3. I am fantastically squeamish, so the thought of zombies gives me shivers. Even just thinking about thinking about them gives me shivers. I think it comes from growing up in an abandoned funeral parlour, but I could be wrong about that. My psychiatrist refuses to see me anymore.

    Despite that, I like this book. So I'll say "hungry for print" and not win anything, because I haven't won anything since the day my name was chosen to get to crawl out the air vents to freedom. And that's enough for me.

  4. I'm Hungry for Print!

    I am a fan of zombie movies, although I haven't read any zombie books. This one seems very interesting though.

  5. I was never really a Zombie fan, until I started watching The Walking Dead and absolutely fell in love with them! This review has piqued my curiosity. Can't wait to read it!

    Oh and I'm Hungry for Print!

  6. I didn't really like zombies a whole lot but now I love the show The Walking Dead, Bianca D'Arc's novels and now Diana Rowland has written a zombie book, I'm so into them! lol

    I'm Hungry for Print!

  7. I'm Hungry for Print, and hungry for more zombie stories!