Friday, December 2, 2011

PYN Review of Once a Goddess

Reviewed by SJ Byrne, PYN Reviewer

'Once a Goddess' is a unique Celtic tale of love, family ties, and duty to ones community. Brigid, is a member of the legendary clan of the Tuatha de Danann, 'Eire's earliest inhabitants, and has been pressed into the service of her people. Sacrificing any possible chance of finding her soul mate or 'anam cara', in order to protect the future of her family from being wiped out by the enemy clan of Fomorians, Brigid marries into an enemy clan.
Living in a foreign camp, that has taken over parts of her beloved land, Brigid somehow finds within her heart the ability to accept and adjust to her new position. While forging a stronger bond with her husband Bres, son of the current Fomorian chieftain, whom she admires but fears she will never love, Brigid discovers her 'anam cara' is a member of the new community she calls home. Together, the inappropriate couple learns what it means to sacrifice all for the benefit of others.
With 'Once a Goddess', Sheila R. Lamb has created a work of historical fiction that enlightens and entertains. Some of the concepts put forth about the fabled Tuatha de Danann are simplistic and reasonable, leaving the reader asking why they never thought of it. An engaging tale, with only a few technical errors that don't distract from the experience, I enjoyed reading this book and exploring the mythical world created by Shiela R. Lamb.


  1. DEFINITELY want to read this one. I'm a HUGE fan of celtic/early-Irish folklore, especially when it's woven into a historical context, so I already love what I've read of the plot here.

    Thanks for the rec!


  2. Great review. I am so with Lori, I am a nut for Celtic/Irish folklore. I love books on the Fae and it sounds like Lamb has a different take on the mythology. Great review, thank you.

  3. I'm with Diana, I love Celtic lore too.

  4. Thank you for your comments! Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!