Thursday, August 18, 2011

An Inside Look at Back of the Book Reviews

The website was originally my idea back in March 2011. I had been talking to an author and he suggested that as I read so many different books there might be a gap in the review market for a site that covers all genres and wasn’t so specific. So the idea was formed, now all I needed was a friend to come in on the site with me. Ashley, my best friend in America, jumped at the chance and so our professional relationship started.

Ashley had so many great ideas that she took over the making of the site. We went through a couple of ideas before we settled on the current one, and I know that Ashley has worked hard to sort out a brand new layout for our upcoming September Extravaganza. She is still working very hard for the site and I would be completely lost without her.

My role on the site has been to email authors we work with, currently over 200 which is incredible. I have worked closely with some amazing people and made some solid friends. The response to our site is amazing, we never expected it! We have people ask us every day for our spotlight, interview and review features.

The books we have are very varied. We have almost everything on the site now from children’s books right through horror to paranormal. We have favourite genres but as we pride ourselves on our motto to review all genres it is very interesting reading new work and finding some amazing authors. We work hard to read as much as we can but there is a massive backlog still, but we will get to every book as promised.

We have already had one event on the site, our Independence Read-A-Thon, we had over 50 people join us and the feedback we received was that they would join us for another event and also that we ran it well and worked hard to achieve what we did.

While planning our second big event to celebrate six successful months of the site and a very special birthday we emailed the authors we have worked with and currently we have almost 100 people signed up to take part in interviews, guest posts, giveaways, competitions and also our massive month long read-a-thon. The slots we had were filled within a matter of hours and we are still receiving emails daily about the event and we are very excited to be hosting it.

The future for the site for Ashley and I looks very promising and we are eager to keep up the contacts we have and look forward to having new authors join us. Our adventure makes us smile every day.

If I could say anything to the people who have worked with us so far I would say: Words can’t express how grateful we are that you have chosen us and we look forward to a very bright future, We Hope you will join us on our adventure!

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Short Bio: My name is Kate and i live in the UK. I turn 30 on September 1st this year and i live with my cat, Molly. I was born in Watford before moving 3 times to Worcestershire where i currently live. 

I have been very interested in writing and books since i was a little girl and have always been never more than 10 paces from a book. I enjoy all genres which is the reason i decided to set up Back Of The Book Reviews and invited my closest friends to join me on this adventure. So far we have been given 250+ books and we work very hard to meet targets and expectations set by our authors and readers.

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  1. Aww, good interview! You guys do so much for us readers and writers and you deserve all the accolades. Thank you for doing what you do!!!