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What Part of Paranormal Peaks Your Interest: A Guest Post by T.M. Hobbs

I suppose this is a legitimate question which could be asked of every writer who has written a paranormal romance.  My answer would have to be in the definition of paranormal itself - unable to be explained or understood in terms of scientific knowledge.
I find it a challenge to try and come up with scenarios that are unique or that do not quite fit the mold everyone is used to in the paranormal community.  However, when I wrote my first novel length book, Wings of Fate, which was published by The Writer's Coffee Shop in March of 2011, I did use a familiar characterization, that being werewolves. 
For me, the werewolf has always held a certain fascination.   The ability to change from a human form into that of a wolf is intriguing.  That coupled with the creature's seeming oneness with nature is what prompted me to use this particular element when writing my book.
Early on in the book, I needed to develop a past, a back story, for the group of people I was centering my story around, which were the Woodland Cree People in Canada.  I needed this story or legend if you will, to tie the past to the present. 

In doing so, I created the legend of Mahihkan (wolf) and the Maiden.  The Maiden finds the injured wolf and takes him into her home.  Although food is scarce, she shares what she has with the wolf.
He has no way to repay her other than; well here are some excerpts from Wings of Fate to further explain:
“As he began to heal, Mahihkan wanted to repay the young woman’s kindness and generosity, but the only thing he could offer her was himself.  So he lay down beside her each night and kept her warm with his thick fur.

“In time, Mahihkan found that he had feelings for the young maiden, but he was at a loss what to do, for he was a wolf and she was a young woman.  So he limped outside one night, leaving his companion’s side only briefly and howled up at the moon, hoping Kisemanito, The Great Creator, would hear his plea.

“Kisemanito looked down upon Mahihkan with kindness and asked, ‘what do you seek my son?’ Mahihkan answered that he had fallen in love with the young maiden and wanted to be with her.  He wanted to be her lover.  Kisemanito took pity upon Mahihkan and saw that his heart was pure and full of love for the young woman who had cared for him, in turn He granted his request, but only until the night of the seven moons, which gave him three days to be with the young maiden."

When I wrote this, I experienced such an overwhelming satisfaction that I had written a legend, one that might have been told by an ancient people and handed down from generation to generation as most legends or fables are.  Although this is a fictional tale, it felt real to me and that is what I hope my readers will feel when they are reading, not only this legend, but the rest of my book as well.

The legend of Mahihkan (wolf) and the Maiden, however, enabled me to bring meaning and reason to why my characters turned into wolves.  I did not want them to be blood thirsty, wretched creatures whose only objective in life was to take lives.  I wanted their existence in my novel to have meaning.

I have not only been fortunate to have my book, Wings of Fate, published, but I also have two other short stories available in e-book format.  My first short story, Crystal Tears Forever, a sci-fi romance, was published by Books to Go Now in November of 2010, followed by my second short story, Born Free, a romance about taking the chance of a life time and finding happiness, also published with Books to Go Now in April of 2011.

My second novel length book, To Cry For Dakota, is slated for release in late December.  It too is being published by The Writer's Coffee Shop.

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Thanks ParaYourNormal for having me as a guest blogger.

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  1. I absolutely love the legend T.M. wrote for her wolves, and also love that she wanted to add more layers to such a well-known paranormal trope as the werewolf. I can't wait to read this one!