Wednesday, January 4, 2012

PYN Review of Black Blood by Melissa Pearl

Reviewed by SJ Byrne
PYN Reviewer

Black Blood by Melissa Pearl is the second book in the YA Time Spirit Trilogy and worked its magic around this reader with as much punch as the first book in the series, Golden Blood.
Gemma Hart is a teenage time traveler who hops through history with her parents and older twin siblings in order to make the world a better place by changing natural events. Gemma's boyfriend Harrison is the first person outside her tightly knit family to break through the thick walls of her emotional defenses, much to her parents' displeasure. The young couple begins to explore a deep and connected love, one most people never get a chance to experience, while obeying the strict rules put forth by her parents and their ever present threat of sending Gemma away.

Black Blood is one of those books that reaches right into the readers' heart and gives a firm twist with its intense emotional sequences and struggle for hope against all odds. Melissa Pearl writes in such a fashion that the reader is an unseen presence within the storyline, blending in with the imagery and feeling the pain of heartbreak and joyful elation of the characters.
I read the first book Golden Blood and passed it to my pre-teen daughter who read it in one afternoon; informing me we must buy the next in the series immediately. She read Black Blood before I had a chance to and could not wait for me to catch up, so we could discuss the novel. Together, we eagerly await the third and final book in the Time Spirit Trilogy; she tells me as I write this that she has first dibs.
Fantastic job Melissa Pearl, I will definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading YA Paranormal books.

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  1. Sad to say I haven't come across this series of Melissa Pearl yet, which is a shame because this books sounds awesome. Time travel is a particular love of mine, and one with the whole family involved sounds uniquely awesome. And I definitely want to know more about the "normal" boy and why Gemma's family would send her away.