Tuesday, January 10, 2012

PYN Review of Stone Cold Seduction, by Jess Macallan

Reviewed by SJ Byrne
PYN Reviewer

Take a talented author's creative spin on mythical creatures, mix in gorgeous men, fast paced action, and sizzling hot scenes and you've got 'Stone Cold Seduction.' Jess Macallan has shaped a world parallel to our own with some imaginative twists; never before have a Phoenix and a Gargoyle been this incredibly sexy.

Elleodora Fredricks, aka Elle, is a seemingly normal woman, who owns and operates an organic soap store in Seattle, Washington. By day, she fills her time creating new concoctions for her customers but by night she has taken to thieving priceless items with insider guidance from her best friend and childhood pal. After a narrow escape, thanks to her extremely hot employee Jaxon West, Elle learns there's more going on in her life than she understands. Nothing is as it seems; her recently deceased mother, her vicious father, and even her dearest friend are all strangers in her mind.

In order to repair the stolen memories keeping her in the dark about her rightful place in the world, Elle begins a journey of discoveries only to learn nothing will come easy or be normal ever again. Caught between two men who hold different pieces of her heart, and a cruel father who only wants to break and control her, Elle must find her way in this new mystical realm that threatens to swallow her whole.

With 'Stone Cold Seduction,' Jess Macallan shows promise of great things to come. If for some incredible reason a reader is immune to the steaminess of the characters, surely they will be hooked by the humorous laugh-out-loud undertone. This book has it all - it pulled me in and left me wanting more!

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  1. You had me at Phoenix and a Gargoyle. I LOVE when authors look to other paranormal creatures (beyond just vamps and weres). And interesting twist with the female protag being a thief. Definitely sounds like a great read!