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Interview with Journey of Tara author Brian Hutchinson

Welcome back to the blog, everyone. Hope all of you survived Superbowl Sunday. #whatagame This week, we take a look at a new book, Journey of Tara, by indie author Brian Hutchinson. Have you ever wondered if mankind would survive its first encounter with aliens? Well, Brian has his theory which we will be discussing on Blog Talk Radio, tonight at 3pm PST. Journey of Tara is a Sci-Fi tale set way in the future, like 2000 years into it. #howcoolisthat

After reading the story, we wanted to learn more about the author so we had a chance to sit down and talk with Brian about his book.

Why did you choose to write in the Science Fiction genre?

I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s – and on shows like Star Trek and Battlestar Gallactica. And one of the four TV stations (Yeah – four – can you believe it) showed nothing but movies on the weekends so I got hooked on a lot of the old Sci Fi movies. Also took a class in school where we studied it. Plus you can cover a multitude of subjects in Sci-fi. The biggest thing I suppose is if you need something in the plot line that isn’t available presently – just invent it.

As a writer, where do you draw you inspiration?

This is always a hard question for me; I don’t see how other authors answer it. I draw most of it from my imagination, where I spent most of my free time while I was growing up. I’ve managed to be around people, even my step kids, who have supported me in my efforts of writing.

To help readers get a feel of what type of writer you are, is there another book you could compare yours to?

Book – not specifically –how ever I suppose you could say it is similar Star Trek, Star Wars, Indiana Jones movies with a little bit of The Terminator thrown in.

Will there be any sequels to Journey of Tara?

I have thought of that a lot, but I was waiting on some feedback on it. I do have a few ideas floating around in my thick skull.

Who is your favorite character in the book?

That’s an easy one – Marcel. She controls more than they think she does.

Mar was great, with her witty sense of humor. So, aside from Journey of Tara, have you written any other books? 

I have another one on Smashwords called The Set'la. I have a few in progress, a mystery, another sci fi and one horror story are trying to work thier way put of my head.

Besides writing, what do you do for a living?

I'm a security guard for a conduct security company. Been dough this for nine years, before that I was a courier.

How do you balance writing with everyday life?

I manage to write a little, not enough, when I'm at work or right when I get home. Just a little. I need quiet so occasionally I might get a few peaceful hours in the early morning. My star back is videogames  I play World of Warcraft too much.

Where can readers find your books?

At this point I don't have anything in print, just on Smashwords. Journey of Tara is also available on Barnes and Noble for the nook.

Where can your readers find you on the web?

Usually playing World of Warcraft...Oh you mean like a profile thingy – on Twitter and Face Book

Would you care to share an excerpt from your book?


     She was dreaming someone was poking her in the shoulder. It started as a poke, and then turned into a shove. As she opened her eyes, she was staring at a man wearing a tan jumpsuit, wrinkled and torn in places, as was his face. The patches on the elbows and knees were about as worn out as the face framed with shoulder length salt and pepper hair. The steel gray eyes bored into hers as he introduced himself, “Ms. Vanderpool? I’m Captain Bran of the Marcel. You can call me Dirk. You’re a pretty heavy sleeper; Lisa’s been trying to wake you for twenty minutes. We have your luggage on-board and I’m just waiting on you.”
Tara checked the bag she was holding, the disc was still there. Then she looked out the window. Her jaw dropped as she saw the centuries old pitted and scared cargo vessel. “That’s the Star Liner taking me to T...”
Dirk quickly interrupted her, “Shh, not in front of the hired help. You need help with your other bag?”
“No, after you Captain.” She replied sarcastically, with the emphasis on Captain.
Dirk walked towards the air lock, feeling Tara’s eyes boring into him as they entered the cargo area of the Marcel. She stopped and glanced around the hold. The whole room took up three decks of the old freighter. Walls lined with shelves adorned with empty graviton restraints. In the far corner of the hold were the only three containers she saw. They looked empty, unused for years. The walls were marked by shadowy images of boxes that once sat unmoved for long periods of time.
“Do you always travel this light?” She asked.
“Well business has been a little slow. That’s why I’ve taken on passengers. We have a long trip ahead, so I’ll show you to your cabin.” Dirk never was much of a people person, he just wanted to lock this lady in her cabin and stay away from her until they got to Old Earth.
“It wouldn’t be the Presidential suite would it?” Tara asked.
Dirk’s eyes became ice cold as he turned and looked at her, trying hard to hold back his temper, “Lady, like I said it’s a long trip, stay out of my way and we’ll get along fine. Okay?”
“Whatever you say, Captain. Lead the way.” She was enjoying this. However, she didn’t want to push her luck with this guy and get tossed out an airlock somewhere.
The two of them walked towards the nearest lift. She paused as she watched him walk through a dark arch and disappear. Taking a deep breath she followed right behind him and found herself in the lift that she hoped would take them to her cabin. From the crowded, quiet confines of the lift, they walked into a long, steel paneled hallway. The discolored seams along the walls were more proof of the age of this vessel. They stood in the middle of the hallway; which only had two arches in it, one on each end, and something that looked like an escape hatch across from the lift. The alpha/numeric pads embedded into the bulkheads near the arches looked new. Dirk walked up to the closest arch and punched in a few numbers. The blackness shimmered for an instant and then cleared, revealing a spacious room lit only by the lights in the corridor.
He deposited her bags in front of the arch and said, “The code is 2001, you can change it if you like. The lights come on when you pass thru. If you need anything, hit the Com panel by the door and say ‘Mar’. That’s the ships computer. Have a nice stay.” He turned and walked quickly towards the lift, to finish whatever he was doing before he had to deal with her.
“Thank you Captain, by the way you can call me Tara.” She requested to his back.
Dirk paused, probably wanting to make some stupid comment on her name, she thought. But, he didn’t take the bait and disappeared into the lift with a wave of his hand.
Tara picked up her bags and stepped into the cabin. As she stood in the archway, the lights flickered on, and she stared, awestruck by the sight before her.

We would like to thank Brian for taking the time out to talk with us and we look forward to interviewing him live tonight on Blog Talk Radio. Tune in to the show at 3pm PST. Can't tune in this evening? No worries, you can listen to the archived interview at a later time. #yeahwecoverallbaseslikethat

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