Friday, February 11, 2011

What's Coming Up On ParaYourNormal

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we wanted you to know that we heart this special day too. Nothing says love like a paranormal romance. Cupid’s not the only one that can make you fall in love. Our guest, Amber Scott sure knows how to get your heart pumping and make your knees grow weak. If you've read her work, you know what we're talking about and if you haven't read her work #wherehaveyoubeenhiding?

Amber will be stopping by on Monday to give us the low down on her book, Play Fling, a great romance with some paranormal in the mix. See cupid as you’ve never seen him (or her) before. That’s right, we guarantee you haven’t read this version of the pesky little matchmaker who makes us fall in love when we least expect it.

Amber is a very talented author. We’ve read a few of her books, we should know. You'll not only get a special price for purchasing Play Fling, but you’ll get three books for the price of one and a chance to win gift cards from Amazon. #yesyouheardusright Who could pass up a deal like that? Hop on over to Bestsellerforaday to find out the details on this incredible offer.

Be sure you come back on Monday and learn more about Amber Scott and her book. Not only will you get to read an interview with this outstanding author, you can call in on our Blog Talk Radio show and speak to Amber. Ask her questions about Play Fling, her other great books, or her experiences as an author. Don’t miss out on all of the fun. #weliveforfun

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