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A review of Skulls of Salvation by Lanaia Lee

Welcome back to ParaYourNormal everyone. Be sure to tune in to Blog Talk Radio tonight, when we interview. Lanaia Lee, author of the Of Atlantis series. We will be giving away two pdf copies of her book, Skulls of Salvation, an adventurous story about the Mayan doomsday prophecy and the Crystal Skulls of Belize.

Unfortunately, Lanaia was unable to do the written interview with us, today. She is quite a busy lady as most of us authors are. Instead, we will be reviewing Skulls of Salvation. Be sure to leave a comment at the end of this review for your chance to win one of the copies of this book.

A review of Skulls of Salvation by Lanaia Lee

The Skulls of Salvation by Lanaia Lee is an adventurous book about the Mayan civilization and the Crystal Skulls of Belize. The story is a sequel to Lanaia’s first book, Of Atlantis, a story about the King of Atlantis, Archimedes.

In Skulls of Salvation, the story continues. Archimedes dies, but leaves all his magical powers to his prodigy, Damien. The first chapter starts out with some action as Damien, who is in Ethiopia, is meeting up with a mysterious woman named Ionna. She has sought him out for help in her quest, since he is rumored to be indestructible. When they are about to discuss why she needs his help, there is open gunfire into the small hotel he is staying in.

Once they seek a safe haven, Ionna is able to tell Damien her reason for hiring him, to stop an evil being from collecting all thirteen Crystals Skulls of Belize. It is legend that the skulls, once put in a circle, will reveal how humankind can save itself from destruction on December 21, 2012. The evil being collecting the skulls wants to prevent humankind from learning what it will take to save the world.

Ionna’s mother was Mayan and had possession of one of the skulls. She married Ionna’s father, who was Ethiopian and raised her in Africa, where she thought they would be safe. She passed the skull on to Ionna, who intended to locate the rest of the skulls in order to bring them together to save civilization, but the skull was stolen.

Their adventure takes them through many twists and turns. The journey begin at Palenque, where the visit Pacal’s Temple of Inscriptions. They also visit the Yucatan Peninsula and the nation of Belize. Their quest takes them through jungles, caverns, ancient ruins, and underground canals, all in the attempts to beat the evil that threatens humanity.

The story goes beyond the adventure of hunting for the skulls in order to save salvation. There is a romantic element to the story between Damien and Ionna. His love for the beautiful Mayan archeologist seems to be moving at a fast pace, which makes the story even more delightful.

Though the story is of its own great uniqueness, anyone who loves the adventures of Indiana Jones will enjoy Skulls of Salvation. It is a great mix of Mayan mythology, ancient history, suspense, and romantic intrigue. You will not be disappointed with this book.

Hope everyone enjoyed the review. Please leave comments below. If there is a questions you would like us to ask Lanaia on Blog Talk Radio today, please leave it with your comments. In order to qualify for the free pdf file of the book, leave your email address where we can contact you. Good luck everyone.

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