Sunday, May 1, 2011

Winner Annoucement for Asylum Lake

Did the week fly by or is it just us? It's Sunday, and you know what that mean...winner announcement! We'd like to thank everyone who stopped by and left a comment. We're glad you enjoyed the interview and are sure you will enjoy the book.

Now, for the winners. For the 5 eBook copies of Asylum Lake, by R.A. Evans, we'd like to congratulate:
  1. Eriktiger
  2. bletssee2003
  3. Jennifer Wright
  4. Wulfie
  5. Shanna Clemens
We are passing your email address along to R. A. Evans. He will be in contact with you regarding your prize.

Be sure to stop by tonight when we interview J. F. Jenkins, author of Legend of the Oceina Dragon. We'll see you then.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry for getting back late, didn't see this is the twitter stream. Got an email yesterday.

    Yay! Thanks ParaYourNormal and R.A. Evans. Looking forward to reading Asylum Lake. Awesome. Loved the interview.

    I'll put up a review on smashwords, etc after I read it.

    Thanks again.