Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Join the Stream!

Want to get your promos on the @ParaYourNormal stream? #Awesome! Here's how to make it happen~

We would love to RT all our followers that ask, but we have such a large following, it would be impossible for us to do this.

However, you can become a member of the “Join the ParaYouNormal stream club.” #Sorry, no special badges, buttons, or plaques, but you can get your promos out onto our stream.

How does it work?
It’s easy as 123.  You write 3 content tweets that are of value to our members (paranormal/urban fantasy/sci-fi/fantasy info, books your reading, related movies, trivia, etc).  These can NOT have links in them.  

However it is totally fine for your content tweet to say ".@yourhandle here. Have you read the latest book in the House of Night series? I recommend that you read Awakened." That is an example of an excellent ‘content’ tweet.

For every 3 content tweets you provide, you can submit 1 promo tweet.  So if you want 5 promo tweets to go out, you would need to submit 15 content tweets.  If you would like more info about content vs promo tweets, sign up for our sister stream, @IndieBookIBC social media workshop for writers where they go over all of these terms. We also have a style sheet we send out once you sign up that explains it in depth.

Of course all tweets are subject to review and may be rejected if found inappropriate for the stream or simply not helpful (again, our style sheet explains this in depth).

Also keep in mind that we are laid in for several weeks in advance so your tweets will be loaded in as slots become available which could be up to a month later.

Questions?  Just email us at parayournormalteam (at) gmail (dot) com!

Hope to see you on the stream!!!!!

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  1. I got the style sheet, waiting on further instructions