Sunday, May 1, 2011

Interview with Legend of the Oceina Dragon Author J. F. Jenkins

Hey everyone. We have a great interview for you today. J.F. Jenkins, author of Legend of the Oceina Dragon is stopping by to chat with us. This a spectacular fantasy eBook that we're are excited for you to read.
J.F. is giving away a copy of her book. To enter for your chance to win, please comment with your name and email address in the following format: parayournormalteam (at) gmail (dot) com. Now, let's get to the interivew :-)

What inspired the storyline of Legend of the Oceina Dragon?
I had a dream one night about a girl being sacrificed to a deity. Instead of dying though, she was taken to his home where he promised her his entire kingdom if she agreed to be his bride. It spun off from there. 

Tell us about the Dragon Lord of Water
Darien is gentle in nature, but he'll fight for something he believes in. He never thinks of himself as the lord of the water dragons though. In fact, he'd prefer to be as normal as possible.  He doesn't like attention on himself at all, which makes it hard when he's in charge of an entire nation.

Besides water, are there other types of Dragon Lords?
There are fire dragons, wind dragons, and earth dragons.  Each has magic pertaining to their element, and completely different in appearance based on species. Fire dragons are small, quick, and have lots of sharp claws. Wind dragons are large, graceful, and look more like a traditional dragon. Earth dragons are enormous and bulky.
That is amazing. We love that concept.

How many books will be in the Dragon Saga?
I'm hoping for four full books, and two short stories. We'll see how the plotline plays out though.
 Fanastic! We love series :-)

Why did you choose to write in the fantasy genre?
For this particular story, it just fit. I write in just about every genre there is. I especially like fantasy/sci-fi though because of the lack of limitations.  Anything is possible, so there are so many different theories and ideas to play around with.

Do you ever get writer’s block?
All the time. It's awful because it keeps me from working for days and weeks at a time. It's also very hard to get back out of again.
We know what you mean!

Tell us a random fact about yourself.
My eyes are two different colors.  One is blue, the other is blue/green/goldish/brown.
Wow, that's interesting.

Do you have any favorite authors or authors you admire?
I'm a huge Stephen King fan. I can't say I've read all of his work, but I admire his style and inability to hold back based on “what's popular”. He marches to his own drum, and that's something I want to do as well.
Stephen King is great. He has an imagination from out of this world. We love it. 

What genre would you be least comfortable writing in?
Probably historical fiction. Lots of research makes me paranoid of messing something up. I like to stick to things I can make sound plausible, even if they aren't real.

Tell us about “The Graveyard”
I have a lot of writing supplies. In high school, just for fun, I'd keep track of how many gel pens I went through. Every time one of them “died”, I'd write down the date in my notebook. This is kind of a continuation of that. Every time I lose a pen, I write it down and how it got lost. I added notebooks too. It actually encourages me to write outside of my computer too. Plus I have soooo many notebooks and gel pens, and I'm always accumulating more.

Where can readers purchase your book?
I'm on amazon, barnes and noble, smashwords, and basically all of the major ebook sellers out there.  However, if you want to get it for less, go to my publisher's website.  Http://  There you can download it in any ebook format, and save yourself some money.  Plus you're supporting a great publishing house.

Where can readers connect with you online?
I'm on twitter as: jfjenkinstweets.
I have a facebook as well:
I'm on goodreads as: J.F. Jenkins
And I have my blog:

Can you share a small excerpt from your book?
He wanted to be with her, to be one with her, and it was the only thing he’d been looking forward to for months since the day he decided she was it for him. But as much as he wanted to be with her, he couldn’t help but be weary of the idea. He couldn’t tell if she meant it, and he wanted this moment to mean something. This would be the first time for them both. It was supposed to be special. The atmosphere was perfect though, and they were married. What could make it more special than that?
            “Of course I’m sure.” she said. She stared up into his eyes and he was completely swept away in hers. They were filled with certainty, and when he looked into them he did not see a dreamy, dazed, or confused look. Her pupils appeared normal, even her smell suggested she was recovered from the spell well and returning to her right mind. Her smell told him she lusted for him. If anything, she looked determined. Love at first sight? He’d heard a lot of stories about it, and while he had been hoping for it, he was also a little skeptical about the idea. Love at first sight had worked for his brothers, but it seemed too good to be true. Now he realized how much he worried over nothing. His dreams from the past six years were now coming true. That reassured him, and so did her words.
            “If you’re my husband, that means I love you more than life. I need you to love me. I want you. I feel safe now. Love me and protect me from the dragons.”
We'd like to thank J.F. Jenkins for stopping in to chat with us. We will be interviewing her Wednesday at 3:30pm PST, on Blog Talk Radio. Our channel is here. Be sure you stop in and listen. You can call 619-639-4626 with question. You can also post comments on our Blog Talk Radio wall, as well as @ us on Twitter during the interview. That's it for us for now. We hope you'll join us Wednesday, and of course, we'll see you on the stream ;-)


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