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PYN Review of Foresight and Second Sight: The Gods of Fate Series by Sherry Ficklin

Foresight: The Gods of Fate Series (Book I) by Sherry Ficklin
Second Sight: The Gods of Fate Series (Book II) by Sherry Ficklin
Review written by Morgan Wylie
Blurb from Foresight (Book I):
All Grace Archer wanted to do was graduate from high school and get on with her life. But the Gods of Fate had other ideas. Attacked at her graduation by a mysterious woman and a gruesome henchmen, Grace was lucky to escape with her life. Rescued by her Aunt Phoenix and a Fae warrior named Chris, Grace is confronted by a startling truth: her mother was the Greek Goddess Pandora. Now Grace must protect her mother’s box from the crazed demi-goddess Lilith, who is determined to use it to unleash destruction on Earth. As if her blood legacy wasn’t bizarre enough, Grace begins to develop frightening powers that threaten to destroy her from the inside out. In a world where nothing is what she thought, can Grace find the strength to defeat Lilith? Can she learn to control her powers before she loses her mind? [Book I of the Gods of Fate Series]
Wow! What must it feel like to discover that your mom was the Greek Goddess Pandora? This novel is a fantastic YA (young adult) read. It is smart, witty, and snarky. In the midst of great change, turmoil, and adventure Grace is able to be strong, embrace her new heritage, laugh and even find love. 
I think most people have at least a vague knowledge of Greek mythology, but Sherry was able to add relatable personification to many of the Greek gods and goddesses in a fun, memorable way. I definitely recommend this series if you like to read YA fantasy. You can read an excerpt from Foresight here. It’s a fast and fun read, I didn’t want to put it down, but luckily I had the next book in the series ready to go...
**Spoiler Alert if you haven’t read Foresight**
Blurb from Second Sight (Book II):
When the man Grace Archer loves is pulled into the Underworld, she will stop at nothing to get him back. Her quest is complicated by the fallen god Samael, who is on the loose with a dangerous relic that puts all the immortals in jeopardy. 
With her powers on the fritz, Grace must help track down Samael and retrieve the deadly Eye of Hera before any more gods fall victim to his madness. 
Daughter of the Greek Goddess Pandora and the Greek God Prometheus, Grace must dig deep to find the power she needs to infiltrate Hades and convince the God of the Dead to release Chris.  But when you make a bargain with the devil, you pay with your soul. 
Love lost and found, love unrequited; it wouldn’t be right without a little Greek tragedy in the mix. Sherry does a great job entwining your emotions with that of the main character, Grace Archer. There are also great adventures still to be had and as Grace’s powers are on the fritz, she comes to rely more on James, a guardian to the gods. 
After a tragic trip into Hades lair, Grace focuses her pain into her mission of revenge on Samael. It’s hard to know who to trust sometimes, and there is definitely some funny business going on, but Grace also needs to take some time to learn her powers and trust her instincts even if it means making the hard decisions. 
Read an excerpt from Second Sight here. I definitely am looking forward to Hindsight (Book III) in The Gods of Fate Series excerpt coming soon.
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