Monday, June 20, 2011

PYN Review of Malcolm: A Black Cougar Novel

Malcolm: A Black Cougar Novel by Eliza Gayle
Reviewed by Kelli McCracken

Primal urge isn’t an easy thing. It’s even harder for Malcolm Gunn. A black cougar that had to leave his family and clan behind him. Malcolm is getting used to his new, calm and quiet life. But nothing in his life can remain quiet for long. Especially when his bond mate, a hybrid shifter that he turned his back on, comes back into his life

 When Malcolm comes face to face with the woman that Mother Nature intended for him to have, his life begins to spin out of control.  His attraction to Cheyenne is overwhelming. He tries his best to deny it. His certain she has, after the way he left her four years prior

After their steamy re-acquaintance, Cheyenne explains to Malcolm why she is there. She’s been hired by his brother, Kane, to bring him back to the clan. Malcolm knows this is what Cheyenne and her ‘kind’ do. They’re hired ‘guns’ sent to do the will of those who seek their service. He knows not of her hybrid status, only that she is a half-breed cougar. It’s one of the reasons they couldn’t be together before. The laws of the cougar council forbid mixing. 

Cheyenne goes on to tell Malcolm that his brother insists he return to the clan. Something is amiss and he needs his help. 

Returning to the clan’s land and to his brother is the last thing Malcolm wants to do. He orders Cheyenne to leave. Another steamy confrontation sends both their desires near the edge of insanity. To be this close to a bond mate and not give into the desire is maddening. Malcolm uses this to his advantage and is able to remove Cheyenne from his home. But the hybrid cougar has no plans on walking away from a job she was hired to do. She always gets her man and there is no way she is letting Malcolm gain the upper hand.

Cheyenne leaves the cabin in the woods where she found Malcolm and heads for town. She decides to wait and return for Malcolm later. She goes to a local Waffle House to bide time. While there, she senses another shifter in her presence. When she finds him, she confronts him. He introduces himself as Carl and claims Kane hired him as well, to make sure Cheyenne does her job correctly. 

This ignites rage inside of Cheyenne. No one questions her ability to get a job done. She is about to leave the premises when Carl stops her by grabbing her arm. Before she can react to his advance on her, she hears the growl of her mate. Malcolm is there and is angered at the sight of another man’s hands on his woman. 

His confrontation with Carl is brief. He and Cheyenne go back to his house. After much argument and protest from her end, they end up sharing a passionate moment. But the ecstasy the revel in is short lived when Cheyenne reveals a secret to Malcolm, one that has him ready to kill. 

When he thinks things can’t get any worse, it does. Carl shows up at Malcolm’s doorstep. Dead. This discovery leads to a series of events that neither of them can escape. 

Through suspicion, betrayal, and passion neither can deny, Malcolm and Cheyenne have to learn to trust each other, forget the past, and overcome secrets to find out who is murdering the people they know.

Life is never easy and love is impossible. Will Malcolm and Cheyenee find a way to get the answers they seek and fulfill the desires of their heart, the desires that Mother Nature intended?

This book in the third in the Black Cougar Novels. It is preceded by Lucas and Kane. I highly recommend this book to those who love paranormal erotic romance with shape shifters. You won’t be disappointed.We give it four and half fangs

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