Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where Did the Story Idea Come From? Guest Post with Stacy Eaton

There are a few things that police officers do that are beyond the obvious that everyday citizens see. Yeah, we right lots of tickets and we arrest people and sometimes we do have coffee and donuts. Okay more coffee then donuts these days, but you get the idea.
On long nights as we drive around we play a game with ourselves. It’s called What if/What then.  If this particular thing was to happen to me, what would I do? We run these scenarios through our minds all the time to prepare ourselves to act.
So it was in this mindset that I found myself one beautiful fall night.  I was standing outside my patrol car enjoying the fresh air of the night. It was dark and the feeling that I was being watched ran over me. Police officers have a heightened sense of this, and normally are correct in those feelings.
So I searched the area around me with my eyes, listening intently to see if I could hear anything that was not normal for the area I was in. I heard and saw nothing. Yet the feeling didn’t go away. I continued to search although by now the hairs on the back of my neck were standing at attention. That’s when I saw it.
On the other side of the parking lot from where I stood were eyes. Just a gleam in the darkness coming off of some faint light that reflected back off of the eyes as they stared at me from just inside the dark tree line. My heart was beating fast and since I have a crazy love for things unnatural the thought of, “It’s a vampire” crossed through my mind. Of course, I know that’s not true, but sometimes you just can’t control the thoughts that race through your mind.
The eyes disappeared shortly after and I finally found my will to move again. Chances were it was an animal of some kind searching for food, but the idea that a vampire could exist and be out there watching people at night had found a place in my mind. What if it had been a vampire and I was to be his food? Would I fight him? Would I die?
I spent the rest of that quiet shift driving my township and thinking about the idea of vampires in our society and how they could co-mingle easily. Even do the jobs that we do, like being a police officer.
It was not long after that, that the story line started taking form and I found myself sitting at my laptop and weaving a tale that brought vampires into the life of Officer Kristin Greene and Fawn Hollow Township.
I still find myself driving my township roads late at night, searching for eyes in the woods and wondering if they could really be true.

Stacy Eaton is a full time police officer, crime scene investigator and business owner when she is not working on her books.  She lives in South Eastern Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter and her Shiloh Shepherd Garda.  She is also the proud mother of a US Sailor.
My Blood Runs Blue is the first in the series. Book two, Blue Blood for Life will be going through publishing soon, and is expected to be available early fall of this year. Book three whose title has not been decided is in the plot stages.
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  1. Sounds interesting, Stacy, and I love your account of that feeling of being watched. It's happened to me a number of times, too, even though I'm not a cop.

  2. Toriminardwrites... Thank you.. I think everyone feels like they have been watched before.