Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Review of Bloodstorm by Amber Kallyn

Bloodstorm (Heart of a Vampire) by Amber Kallyn
Review by Gabryyl Pierce
5 of 5 stars
Niki DeVeraux is determined to kill the vampire who killed her family and Changed her two centuries ago. Focused on revenge, Niki won’t let anything stand in her way, not even her attraction to sexy sheriff Shane Spencer.
Shane, a Shaman and Keeper, has his own problems like keeping the local werewolves and vampires from killing each other in the streets.
Bloodstorm is Book 1 in a new series by Amber Kallyn (the Dragos series). Kallyn’s Niki DeVeraux is a kick-ass-and-screw-taking-names heroine who keeps the pages turning. All the characters are fully realized and compelling and the story drags you in and won’t let go. Kallyn does a great job of building suspense and undeniable attraction and leaves you dying to know what’s next for these characters.
About Amber 
One of those rare breeds, Amber Kallyn is an Arizona native who can trace her family’s history through six generations in the state. She lives with her sexy husband, and their four very active children. Included in the menagerie are two cats (though there’s always room for more) and two dogs. We won’t count all the fish. She also writes urban fantasy under the name Higley Browne.
Amber loves the paranormal, from dragons to werewolves to vampires. She’s currently at work on her next book, probably running around the house acting out a fight scene with her collection of swords and daggers. Or maybe, wishing she had claws to practice the other fight scenes.
A voracious lover of the written word, Amber found at an early age that she could read fast. Really fast. She devours novels by the day, novellas by the hour, and is always looking to get her hands on more.
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