Monday, May 7, 2012

Review of Dragon's Fire: New Breed by Danielle Kazemi

Dragon's Fire: New Breed by Danielle Kazemi
Review by Gabryyl Pierce

3 1/2 of 5 stars

Waitress Annabel Wells is having a bad day: she hates her job and her boyfriend just dumped her -- over the phone. Things couldn't get worse. Which, of course, means they will.

Annabel is attacked by one of the Unseen - a creature made of pure darkness that kills mortals with a touch. When a mysterious hero saves her, she uncovers a world of myth: Dragons living among us, disguised as humans, hunting the Unseen. 

Now, with the aide of her sexy new hero, Crispin, and his dragon den of fellow hunters, Annabel has to protect herself from another attack. The only problem: how to hide from a creature that can go anywhere unseen?

Dragon's Fire: New Breed is the first novella in the Dragon's Fire Series by Danielle Kazemi. Overall the story is intriguing, the characters interesting and the plot works fairly well. The biggest issue was with a lack of contractions in some of the dialogue. It was a bit distracting, but not enough to make me stop reading. I was disappointed when I reached the end as I hadn't checked the title page and didn't realize it wasn't a full-length novel -- I was dying to know what happened next. But that's the best type of disappointment for a reader -- wanting more. 

About Danielle 

Danielle Kazemi is a native of Louisiana where she grew up writing. She enjoys writing in a simplistic style so that the reader does not have to trudge through miles of description just to know that the characters are walking down the road. Her first publishing credit was through Chicken Soup, which convinced her she could actually do it. Now she spends her time writing various books while chasing after her own kids who believe that they are the superheroes she is writing about.

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  1. Could use an editor or a proofreader. Many of the sentences are rather awkward to read because of their structure and wording. The story however is interesting.