Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Review of the Carry on the Flame Series by Jodine Turner

Carry on the Flame: Destiny's Call by Jodine Turner

Review by Gabryyl Pierce

4 1/2 of 5 stars

Sharay Kallah was born into a family of Celtic priestesses. Sharay's aunt, Phoebe, uses black magic to steal Sharay’s fortune and magical power. When she’s committed to a psychiatric ward and accused of murder, Sharay struggles with the temptation for revenge. With the help of handsome Welshman Guethyn, Sharay learns to open her heart again. But can she learn how to stop the hatred she feels for her aunt from destroying her and prove once and for all love is the ultimate magic?

Carry on the Flame explores the world of Celtic magic as a true religion and not just a means to an end. The settings and characters are fully realized and the magical elements ring true.

One word of warning: the book is listed as Young Adult but does contain a detailed sex scene which may lend itself better to an older YA audience.

Carry on the Flame: Ultimate Magic by Jodine Turner

Review by Gabryyl Pierce

4 1/2 of 5 stars

Sharay Kallah is on a journey to become a Celtic priestess. On the run from her aunt, Phoebe, who used black magic to steal Sharay’s power, Sharay leaves those she loves to protect them. Sharay’s strength shines through as she as she faces her demons, both literally and figuratively, leading to a final showdown between the darkness and the light.

The sequel to Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call, this second novel further explores the world of Celtic magic as a true religion and brings a satisfying conclusion to the story of a young woman truly coming into her own power and learning to embrace her destiny.
About Jodine:
Jodine Turner is an author ofYoung Adult/Adult fantasy, visionary fiction, magical realism, and paranormalromance. While living in Glastonbury, England, the ancient Isle ofAvalon, Jodine began writing the Goddess of the Stars and the Sea series about priestesses who have lived in Glastonbury down through the ages to today. The novels are an adventure-filled initiation into the Mysteries of the Goddess. Jodine is also an Adorata practitioner in the spiritual path of embodying divine love and balancing the feminine and masculine within, as well as a therapist, consecrated priestess, and deacon in the Gnostic Church of Mary Magdalene. Jodine lives in Oregon with her husband Chris and their three magical cats who go by the code names Mojo, Minnie, and Pumpkin. You can read more about  Jodine on her website, www.jodineturner.com

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  1. Gabryyl,
    Thank you for your review and for articulating the novel's essence so well! As its author, that always feels good to hear.

    Since your name has a Welsh spelling (lovely by the way), I am guessing Guethyn's name and the novel scenes that take place in Wales may have piqued your interest.

    If your readers have any questions or feedback, I'd be happy to connect here.