Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review of Demon of Mine by Ranae Rose

Demon of Mine by Ranae Rose
Review by Gabryyl Pierce
4 1/2 of 5 stars
Twelve year-old Elsie was the only survivor of the fire that destroyed her home and killed her family. Taken in by the Remingtons and trained as a housemaid, Elsie spends the next seven years pining for Damon, heir to the Remington textile empire.
Damon Remington, one of London's most notorious bachelors, is accused of murder.  Elsie’s testimony could save him...if she can bring herself to confess to Damon and the world that she was hidden in his bedroom on the night of the crime. And why.
A strange illness has overcome Elsie. All hopes of a future with anyone, least of all Damon, are dashed by a dire prognosis with no cure. 
But Damon has secrets of his own, preternatural secrets that can save Elsie’s life -- at a price.
Demon of Mine is billed as an erotic Regency vampire romance but it’s more than that. While the sex is steamy, it’s the characters and their intimacy that drives the story. The historical details are accurate and draw you in to the time. This is book one of a series I look forward to reading more of.
About Ranae
Ranae Rose lives on the U.S. East Coast and is an avid reader and writer who can’t resist a good love story, and the hotter the better. You can learn more about Ranae and her books at:

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  1. I'm not a fan of the cover art but I like the sound of this book. Thank you for sharing.

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